Health Sector - How to get out of an algorithmic penalty

In this success story, it is a health website with a lot of traffic which made the decision to be part of our marketing agency as a client. Let's see how we have recovered the project?



1 month




Situation analysis: Studying the case

At Roilab, our initial approach to these challenges is to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation. This involves evaluating the current status of the project, reviewing previously implemented actions, verifying data consistency with updates and trends, as well as carefully analyzing the most significant technical issues. In summary, we seek to obtain the most complete and detailed x-ray of the project possible.

Problem detection

  • The problem: Change in trend with a loss of 50% of organic traffic.

  • Problem start date: May 25, 2022

  • Where the problem occurs: In several verticals systematically.

Collecting data

  • The closest and most accurate data source is analyzed, which is Search console. Both at a general level, and for each vertical, and typology.

  • A chronological map is made of the last implemented tasks that may be related to traffic loss in order of impact.

  • A check is carried out for serious technical errors that could have caused these changes.

  • The logs are analyzed to see where there is a loss or excessive increase in tracking.

Data analysis and problem identification:

Once we have crossed and contrasted all the relevant data, we are able to identify the underlying problems. In this case, we detected that the main drawback resided in a high level of similarity in the content of some clusters. In addition, other clusters presented content of low quality or with a large room for improvement, something that can be interpreted in various ways. We also identified certain usability issues that needed attention. Therefore, if we solved these problems, we would obtain a change in the current trend and, therefore, an improvement of the project.

This hypothesis is based on the correlation between the changes observed after a major Google update and the specific problems detected during the analysis carried out by Roilab

Generation of potential solutions

We brainstorm general and specific solutions for each problem in order to have the full range of solutions to implement. In this case these were some of the tasks posed:

  • Perform spintax to quickly remake certain types of content

  • Curation of content from relevant clusters

  • Prioritizing content improvements on specific urls

  • Review of anchoring and internal linking patterns

  • Fix various ux issues

  • Expand content of thin content urls

  • Elimination of detected cannibalizations

  • Deindex urls without SEO guidance

  • Redo a repetitive internal linking block that makes no SEO sense

Solutions evaluation

n this section we evaluate all the viable tasks, and we discuss how to approach them in the best way. We make an evaluation of how much of the problem it solves, development time, and impact. In short, evaluate the proposed solutions in terms of feasibility, cost, impact and alignment with the objectives and available resources. It is important to consider the pros and cons of each solution.

In this case the final order was:

  1. Deindex URLs without SEO meaning

  2. Expand thin content Perform spintax of the repetitive clusters (the most important)

  3. Curation of content from relevant clusters

  4. Prioritizing content improvements on specific urls

  5. Review of anchoring and internal linking patterns

  6. Fix various ux issues

  7. Redo a repetitive internal linking block that makes no SEO sense

  8. Eliminate Cannibalizations

Implementation planning, monitoring and evaluation

In order to have control of each implementation, effectiveness, and results, the variables must be isolated. Therefore, implementations are planned in order to monitor and evaluate each one. In this way at Roilab we can also improve, learn and continue expanding our knowledge based on each experience.

We emphasize that the 3rd task on spintax was the one that gave the best results and largely resolved the problem for this client.

In subsequent tasks, content improvements have been implemented through custom implementations with artificial intelligence.

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