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web spiders

Web spiders and their impact on user experience

What are web spiders and how do they work? Web spiders, also known as web crawlers or web crawler bots, are computer programs that automatically scan and analyze the content [...]

SEO and Accessibility: 8 Steps to Optimize Your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web accessibility are two disciplines that, although they may seem different, have a common goal: to improve the user experience on the web. Understanding how [...]
meta llama 3

Meta Llama 3: New Meta Language Model Update

Welcome to the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where Meta Llama 3 is becoming a prominent player. This advanced language model developed by Meta AI is redefining the boundaries of [...]
diferencia entre 404 y 410

Difference between a 404 vs 410 error code

When we talk about SEO, the error codes 404 and 410 are terms that cannot go unnoticed. Both represent situations where a web page is not available, but it is [...]
carrusel resultados enriquecidos

Google updates the Structured Data Carousel (beta)

The Google Structured Data Carousel (beta) is a tool that is especially useful for various sectors, including e-commerce, the travel industry, and local businesses or businesses with a physical location. [...]
que es wpo

What is WPO: Improve the performance of your website

WPO is an abbreviation that stands for “Web Performance Optimization.” This term refers to a series of techniques and strategies used to improve the speed and efficiency of a website. [...]
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