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diferencia entre 404 y 410

Difference between a 404 vs 410 error code

When we talk about SEO, the error codes 404 and 410 are terms that cannot go unnoticed. Both represent situations where a web page is not available, but it is [...]
carrusel resultados enriquecidos

Google updates the Structured Data Carousel (beta)

The Google Structured Data Carousel (beta) is a tool that is especially useful for various sectors, including e-commerce, the travel industry, and local businesses or businesses with a physical location. [...]
que es wpo

What is WPO: Improve the performance of your website

WPO is an abbreviation that stands for “Web Performance Optimization.” This term refers to a series of techniques and strategies used to improve the speed and efficiency of a website. [...]

Rank Math 2024: The Best SEO Tool for Your Website

Rank Math 2024: A New SEO Tool Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress that has gained popularity among users. The 2024 version of Rank Math promises new features [...]
Ia gemini

Google launch of Gemini

Gemini: Google Innovation History and Development of Gemini Gemini is an advertising model developed by Google that uses artificial intelligence technology to offer a more personalized and effective advertising experience. The [...]
Herramientas de Google para SEO gratis / SEO free google tools

Free Google SEO tools: optimize your website

Free Google SEO tools can be a great way to improve a website’s performance in search engines. These tools provide valuable data that can help users identify problems and opportunities for improvement on [...]
Qué es una página huérfana

Orphan Pages: Why They Are Bad for SEO

Orphan pages are a common problem that affects a website’s SEO. These pages are those that do not have internal links pointing to them, making them difficult to index by search [...]
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