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At ROILAB, we believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust and transparency. We don't rely on locking clients into restrictive contracts; instead, our approach is based on collaborating actively and completing tasks aimed to achieve concrete goals in weekly sprints. Our clients continue to work with us because they trust our results-driven approach. If you're looking for a digital marketing agency committed to your long-term success, join ROILAB and experience the difference in your digital marketing strategy.

Maintenance fees
Permanent contracts
Personalized business-focused strategy
Transparency in tasks and sprints
Active communication with the client
Weekly ongoing team training
Use of proprietary development software to streamline processes
Focus on relevant business metrics

Traditional Agencies

Cobrar por "mantenimiento"
Contratos indefinidos
Estrategia Personalizada orientada al negocio
Transparencia en tareas y sprints
Comunicación activa con el cliente
Formación continua semanal del equipo
Uso de software desarrollo propio para agilizar procesos
Enfoque en métricas relevantes para el negocio

ROILAB Methodology

NextLevel Agile by ROILAB

New approach based on Agile Methodology

For a digital marketing agency, it is essential to choose a methodology that allows teams to adapt to changes in market trends and client needs. The following methodology, called "NextLevel Agile," combines elements of Scrum, Kanban, and industry-specific practices to take our clients' projects to another level.

Team roles

In our "NextLevel Agile" methodology, we define specific roles to ensure that all responsibilities and important tasks are covered by experts in each area. Most importantly, our role structure is flexible, allowing us to adapt to the specific needs of each project and assign the right resources as needed.

This flexibility in team roles enables us to always provide the right combination of skills and expertise for each project, ensuring success and client satisfaction.


It consists of project planning based on 4 monthly sprints, where objectives and tasks are defined; Daily Stand-ups to synchronize the team's work; the Sprint Review, where the impact of actions is analyzed; and the Sprint Retrospective, to discuss process improvements.

Team - Client Communication

We rely on informative/interactive boards that allow us to organize the work for monthly sprints based on the overall strategy. In this way, we have two main boards.

The first one, "Next Backlog," is a prioritized list of tasks and actions to achieve the project objectives. During each Sprint, specific tasks from the "Next Backlog" are selected to complete, creating the "Level Sprint Backlog," where the work for the upcoming weeks is organized, allowing us to focus on objectives for the client.

Clients receive periodic performance and results reports that demonstrate the impact of marketing actions, enabling them to understand the project’s progress to make the right decisions about its future direction.

Applied experience

The methodology includes the concept of WIP (Work in Progress) Limit to control workload and improve team efficiency. It also encourages constant monitoring and adaptation to market trends and needs, ensuring that strategies remain up-to-date and relevant. Active communication and collaboration between our team and clients are essential to ensure satisfaction and success in the digital marketing projects.

Taking the project strategy to the next level

The "NextLevel Agile" methodology focuses on efficiency, balance, and the quality of the final outcomes in digital marketing projects. Through adaptive planning/collaboration between the team and the client, and constant monitoring of market trends, this methodology ensures that strategies are adjusted to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI). By limiting work in progress and encouraging communication, we ensure that each project is completed efficiently and effectively, meeting the client expectations and generating high-quality results.

Passionate experts in digital marketing.

Our agency's team is composed of highly skilled and passionate professionals in digital marketing. Each member of our team brings unique skills, expertise, and specialized knowledge in different areas of digital marketing, enabling us to offer comprehensive and customized solutions for our clients.

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