How to Elevate Your Local SEO Ranking from Position 40 to the Top 1

This success story revolves around a renewable energy client's website with optimization issues and low visibility, which came from another agency without achieving results. After presenting them with a growth strategy and demonstrating our capabilities, the company trusted our team of consultants. As detailed in the article, we have managed to reach Top 1 in most municipalities in the province of Cadiz.



6 months




Initial Challenges in Renewable Energy Web Positioning:

  • Low visibility in local searches: Despite being a local company established in Arcos de la Frontera with over 10 years of experience in the sector, it barely appeared in relevant local searches. This meant that potential customers seeking similar products or services in the area were not finding our client through Google.


  • Strong competition: The local market in the province of Cádiz was saturated with competitors also aiming to stand out online. The aggressive competition made it difficult for our client to stand out among the crowd and reach the top positions in search results.


  • Unoptimized web content: On the other hand, our renewable energy client lacked proper optimization for search engines. Relevant keywords for the business and location were not effectively integrated into the content, affecting its online visibility.


  • Content cannibalization: The lack of a cohesive content strategy resulted in keyword cannibalization and conflicting search intentions on the website. This confused search engines and hindered our client's effective ranking.


  • Sole source of traffic through the homepage: Most of the traffic to the website came solely from the homepage, indicating poor website structure and a lack of optimization of internal pages for different search queries.


  • 404 errors and poor web categorization: The website had numerous 404 errors, resulting in a frustrating experience for users and negatively affecting its ranking on search engines. Additionally, poor content categorization made navigation and site indexing difficult for search engines.

Key Strategies Implemented for Local SEO Success

These combined strategies played a crucial role in achieving success in the realm of local SEO, enabling them to overcome initial challenges and establish themselves as a recognized leader in their local market.

  • Realización de un Keyword Research Completo
  • Conducting Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Creating a Website Structure Based on Keyword Study and Search Intent
  • Implementing Internal Linking Techniques
  • Generating High-Quality Content
  • Crafting Location-Specific Landing Pages
  • Employing Local Link Building Strategies
  • Optimizing Schema Markup
  • Improving Website Performance Optimization (WPO)
  • Anchoring Optimization
  • Publishing Blog Content Related to the Main Topic, Emphasizing Semantic Relations and Entities
  • Optimizing Google My Business Listing

Results Achieved: From Unknown to Leader in Cadiz

The implementation of a meticulous and focused local SEO strategy yielded extraordinary results for our client, propelling them from relative obscurity to becoming a recognized leader in the province of Cádiz. This impressive growth is reflected in the increase in monthly leads, with a notable jump from just 2 per month to a total of 75 in the last month, marking significant progress in just 6 months. Below, we present the results obtained:
  • Significant Improvements in Search Engine Ranking: Our client experienced a notable increase in their ranking in local search results. From being absent or in lower positions, the company consistently managed to position itself in the top results for a variety of relevant keywords, solidifying its authority in its market niche.
  • Substantial Increase in Web Traffic: The focus on local SEO resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic to the domain's website. Compared to previous numbers, web traffic increased from 62 visits in the first month to 395 in the last month, reflecting the growing interest and attention of local users towards the company. All of this progress was achieved within 6 months.
  • Greater Local Visibility: Our client went from being virtually unknown in most localities in the province of Cádiz to becoming a prominent and reliable presence. Optimizing the Google My Business listing, along with location-specific landing pages, helped the company capture the attention of potential customers in all relevant areas, significantly improving its local visibility and being top 1 in most municipalities of the province.
  • Increase in Conversions and Sales: As a direct result of the increase in web traffic and improvement in local visibility, our client experienced a notable increase in conversions and sales. The quality visits generated through local SEO strategies translated into a palpable increase in customer inquiries and, ultimately, solid revenue growth.

October 2023

March 2024

Conclusion: Keys to SEO Success for the Renewable Energy Sector

The success story of our renewable energy client was built on the implementation of an effective local SEO strategy, showcasing not only the transformative impact it can have on a local business but also offering valuable lessons and keys to success in the renewable energy sector. Below, we summarize these keys and how our agency can assist other businesses in achieving similar results:

  • Deep Understanding of the Audience and Market
  • Focus on Local Optimization and Content Relevance
  • Comprehensive On-Page and Off-Page SEO Strategy
  • Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

In summary, success in Local SEO for the renewable energy sector requires a strategic approach, a deep understanding of the local market, and flawless execution. At Roilab, we are committed to assisting other local businesses in achieving similar results by providing personalized, data-driven solutions that drive growth and online visibility.

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