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que es wpo

What is WPO: Improve the performance of your website

WPO is an abbreviation that stands for “Web Performance Optimization.” This term refers to a series of techniques and strategies used to improve the speed and efficiency of a website. [...]
cloaking que es

Cloaking: What it is and How It Works

Cloaking is an SEO technique that is based on showing different content to users and crawling robots, but it is penalized by Google and is not advisable. Cloaking is an English [...]
Explicación de qué es una URL canónical

Canonical URL in SEO: What it is and How It Works

Canonical URL in SEO: What it is and How It Works Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential practice for any website that wants to increase its online visibility. One [...]
Ia gemini

Google launch of Gemini

Gemini: Google Innovation History and Development of Gemini Gemini is an advertising model developed by Google that uses artificial intelligence technology to offer a more personalized and effective advertising experience. The [...]
Google SGE

What is Google SGE? Search Generative Experience

Google SGE is an artificial intelligence-powered search technology currently being developed in the United States. This new search experience, called Search Generative Experience, uses AI to deliver more accurate and personalized search [...]
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