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cloaking que es

Cloaking: What it is and How It Works

Cloaking is an SEO technique that is based on showing different content to users and crawling robots, but it is penalized by Google and is not advisable. Cloaking is an English [...]
Explicación de qué es una URL canónical

Canonical URL in SEO: What it is and How It Works

Canonical URL in SEO: What it is and How It Works Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential practice for any website that wants to increase its online visibility. One [...]
usar caché google/ how use Google Cache

How to use Google cache: Step by step guide

Google cache is a useful tool for anyone searching for information online. This tool allows users to view a cached version of a web page, which can be especially useful if [...]
que es el ctr/What is CTR

What is CTR? All you need to know

CTR is one of the most important metrics for digital marketing professionals. It is the abbreviation of “Click-Through Rate” or click rate in Spanish. This metric refers to the number of times [...]
que es un h1

What is the H1 in SEO? All you need to know

The H1 tag is a common term in the SEO world. It refers to the HTML tag used to mark the main title of a web page. Although most websites use CSS [...]
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